In the today’s digital era, social media have completely changed the way the businesses market themselves online. It has transformed the way they interact, respond and fulfill the customer requirement.

If you’re a business owner whether on a large or small company, social networking is the best online connection to clienteles and potential clients. It’s such a great platform that gives an opportunity to turn your followers, fans, subscribers and readers into raging fans and eventually, marketing evangelists. Social media give the best online visibility unlike any other marketing channel. Social media can be a very helpful factor for deciding the success or failure of the online business. It has become a key module which has to be considered together with the other business strategies.

It’s crucial to integrate your social media efforts with the rest of your content strategy to successfully develop a community on these networks around content. Here is an overview to guide you through the process on how to develop an effective social media marketing strategy from scratch.

Pace 1: Ensure Challenges are solved by Social Media Goals

It’s good to start with the realistic goals, and more importantly, there should be a clear vision about what you actually want to achieve with the social media efforts. It’s very important to be clear about what you want to achieve with your social media efforts. Defining goal is an important factor of every business and marketing tactics. You should look at the challenges afore you, like—

Challenge 1: Less Traffic to Website

The business’s website is the key marketing tool in today’s time. The lower is the website traffic, lower will be the profits.

To overcome from this challenge, you must focus on creating the links right to the site. Proper linking can help in better positioning of the website in the SERPs.

Challenge 2: Lower Customer Retention

For maintaining good relation with the existing customers and making new relations with the potential customers, social can be a great tool to communicate, support and engage. Developing a good social rapport will make people to trust you and stay engaged with your business.

Challenge 3: Bad Customer Support Service

Nowadays, many people engage with online businesses using social platforms. Thus, it’s vital to have a good presence on different social networking sites to communicate with the clients and provide them a good customer service.

Challenge 4: Less Brand Awareness

Social platforms are the best way to reach a large crowd of audience. To make a good and effective brand awareness, you should focus on developing and sharing relevant content in the social media.

Pace 2: Widen Your Efforts for Your Organization

To have a successful social media marketing campaign, your whole organization should work together giving their best efforts.

Customer Service

As in the recent times, social media has become a channel which has been proved to be effective for the businesses to easily communicate with their customers. Give a nice response to the customers, as this can be a ‘make or break situation for creating customer relationship!!!

Research and Development

You can listen to the customer’s feedback, ask them for their reviews on your brand using the social media. Also, it assists, showing gaps in a product or service.


Social media can be an effective way to set up the sales funnel and look for the new potential leads. Using social insights looks for the sales opportunities and get engaged in it in an authentic manner.

Human Resources

Social media is a great tool for showcasing the company’s culture to the world. HR team usually spends a lot of time in shortlisting the applicant’s profiles, ask them to share job postings on social media and their networks. You can enhance the opinion of your company among people/job applicants by emphasizing on some behind the scenes images of the company.

Pace 3: Emphasis on Networks that are Worthier

Having a good number of followers in one social media is not enough, rather focus on every social networks to target your audience and put your best efforts for your company’s objectives. Every social networking site is different in its own way, so take advantage of the ones which meets your objectives. Here are some of the leading social networks-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Pace 4: Create an Effective and Engaging Content Mix

Providing top notch, engaging, significant and useful content is a necessity. Different social media have a different audience who have their own different purposes. You should create content as per the audience taste, so that they can easily get attracted to read your content and it must be in a way that they gets encouraged to engage in your business. Below are some instances of good content for social media-

  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Infographics

Be ahead from your competitors by scheduling your content in advance, with the use of a social media publishing calendar. SocioBoard offers a complete suite of social media advertising features with an ability to schedule and queue posts accordingly.

Pace 5: Get Engaged

If any customer post or comment on your social network, be sure to respond them back to make them feel that they are being listened by the business they’re engaged with. Ignoring their reviews, comments, post or feedback may make them to ditch your business and look for another alternative. Even if a customer who has given a negative feedback for your business, respond them in a positive way.

Pace 6: Review, Reassess, and Rework Your Efforts

As social media is fluid, so the tactic should remain nimble and flexible. Use an effective tool to review your brand’s success. SocioBoard was developed with a concern of social media marketing. SocioBoard offers a complete set of social media analytics tool, which tells about the posts that are driving traffic, conversions and overall profits.

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