Pinterest offers a new dimension to your marketing apparatus, there are numerous reasons for marketers to be on Pinterest. We have made an effort to list up few explanations below:

Prominent Visual Content

Pinterest primarily is a stuff based social media network wherein end users share visual content. Emotional images play a pretty good role in wooing customers in. In B2B perspective businesses can share pictures of products, services and various resources like blog posts, white papers, cheat sheets etc. There is whole new breed which is abundant on Pinterest which comprises of infographics. There is vast range of content which can make great promotional material namely data charts, eBook cover photos, customer photos, client logos, events’ images and even personal photos sometimes.

Pinterest Button:

Having a Pinterest button on a website helps visitors reach out to your pin boards easily. Having effective presence on Pinterest gives a smart and easy way to the audience to see, observe and absorb information. This is one of the reasons why Pinterest profile has become so important these days. So make sure the content on social media is coherent with the content on the website.

Video Gallery

Videos convey a lot of information in an entertaining way and are the next big thing in the marketing arena. Pinterest has banked on this fact in a unique way while maintaining its typical offerings. One can create a special gallery containing videos and share them on Pinterest. Videos of events, conferences, seminars, conclaves etc make good posting material which build trust and credibility.


Pinterest has followed the suit by introducing hash tags. These hash tags could be used to tag pins and help make the pins more search friendly. Pinterest helps us to showcase our capabilities and reach out to target audience based on their way of living, preferences and buying patterns.

Cell Features

Pinterest has upgraded its mobile platform features to incorporate new dynamics regarding notifications and managing repins and comments. All this is very empowering if pages are managed real time. Search term suggestions are also available now on mobile.


All the above are very compelling reasons to join Pinterest and make the most of it, whether as an organization or as an individual.