Many online marketers fail just because they are not retargeting the bounced audience properly. You might be the one among them. If so, here I’m giving you the tips that you can make a perfect retargeting that increases your ROI.

But before starting the key concept, here I’m letting you know the importance of Retargeting your bounced audience.

Why is Retargeting Important?

To understand the importance of Retargeting, you need to ask one question to yourself:

Does everyone who visits your website for the first time convert?

As per a study by, just 2% of the people who are visiting your website for the first time are converting. And to make the rest convert on your website, we have to retarget those audiences.

Two months ago, I searched for a web hosting service provider to host my first ever website. I’d landed on many websites and quickly bounced from most of them. I didn’t purchase the service from any of the providers but will make it soon. And today, I can remember only a handful of them among the tens of providers I visited.

The only reason I could remember those providers is, they retargeted me.

Yes! They just retargeted me on whatever the platform they could reach me. They reached me on my Facebook wall, they reached me through display network ads on my Chrome browser. And the result, they atop my mind and I’m going to make a purchase from the one among them. That is, they are going to increase their ROI.

This is not just me. There are some statistics that you would believe Retargeting works great for an online marketer:

  • Only an 8% of bounced customers would return without retargeting. Whereas, 26% of them return to the website only with retargeting.
  • 63% of the marketers who make display network advertising prefer retargeting budgets.
  • The average CTR of retargeting ads (0.7%) is 10X of the average CTR of display ads (0.07%).

I remind you a small marketing tactic:

It is easier to convince the people who already know you rather than convincing the unique visitors to convert.

Citing this, retargeting is very important for online marketing.

How to Retarget Your Bounced Audiences?

There are many ways you can retarget your customers and bring them back to your website to convert. However, retargeting should not be irritating that they would never turn to you. There might be some reasons behind their not being converted.

They might have forgot that they need the service. Remind them of it smoothly.

They might have some financial hurdles. Let them know your offers that save them more money.

They might be looking for something better. Convince them that your products/services perfectly match their needs.

All this should be done in a cool manner that they would never get fed up. Here are some better practices for your retargeting:

1. Reach them on social media

Social media is the place where most of your target audience spend most of their time. So reach them on the social platform whichever you can reach them.

Recently, I searched for a budget smartphone on Amazon. But due to some reasons, I couldn’t make a purchase. But as I signed up to the e-commerce site with my Facebook ID, they are reaching me on FB with new offers every now and then.

retargeting on facebook

In a way, they are helping me to keep up with the new offers that I can get the best deal on their website. They are not annoying me with their ads but they are retargeting me in a helpful way.

2. Reach them on the ‘Related Products’ section

Sometimes, your visitors add some products to their cart and forget later or read some articles and leave them in the middle.

Just remind them that they left behind something. There are some sections like ‘Products you might like’, ‘Articles you may like’, ‘Featured Posts’ etc.

related posts

Place the product/service listing in these sections that the audience will return to the page.

3. Send some personalized emails

While signing up for your business, you might have included a term that your users are agreeing to receive emails from you. Obviously, you can send some personal mails to your bounced audience in a convincing manner.

email retargeting

4. Retargeting based on Pixel

Don’t rile up your audience with unnecessary ads. Determine which audience has left on which page and what they were searching for. With Pixel-based targeting, you can target such audience with the right ads at the right time.


These are some of the better practices that you can implement for retargeting your bounced audiences.

These are so simple and known to you all, right?

However, most of the marketers are failing in implementing these simple tips. And wasting so much money on getting new visitors and conversions on their websites.

If you are falling under this category, just stop wandering and try with retargeting ads.