Getting a constant flow of new leads and creating your pipeline is a crucial part of building a profitable business. It can be a bit challenging process. The upside to resource-qualifier campaigns, steady A/B split testing, and various content marketing drive is usually a narrow improvement in the overall conversion rate, which can turn out to be frustrating and daunting as well. Making a small difference can turn out to be a big difference in the long run result, but reaching to that point can be backbreaking at best.

The start-up companies struggle for generating leads and sales- although the entrepreneurs are passionate enough about their company’s services, products or solutions. The point where they probably are lacking is having a good sense of the customers whom to target and who can be really receptive to their solutions.

The other challenge, especially for start-ups are to sell their offered products or services in such a way that seems to be authentic, comfortable and moreover natural to who they are. Start-up owners usually have a sense of prominence- they have understood the problem of the people and have known a great solution to deal with that problem in the market. They want to increase their exposure to all the possible prospects, funders, and partners as possible. However, they don’t want themselves to be seen as “sales people”, also and they don’t want to be known as clichéd “pushy sales strategy”.


So, how can start-ups generate better leads and turn it into sales? Simply, identify the companies and audience that are interested in buying the products you’re selling. Well, it’s also important to do better at convincing sales strategy!

If you’re lacking on generating leads and sales, here are some of the tips to help start-up entrepreneurs for getting better lead generation and ultimately sales results.

Connect with Customers by Creating Good Social Media Presence

You may think it’s quite simple and obvious, but in reality, social media has become a crucial part of marketing strategy. Making sales and generating leads is all about building relationships, first and foremost. You can do a free off-site advertisement for your start-up in social media. A picture is worth speaking and expressing feeling which words cannot. Focus on visual content marketing in platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to grab the attention of your audience. Post eye-catching pictures of your offered products and services. Often share pictures of your company get-together, employees, celebrations and other aspects of your business which your customers and potential leads may be interested in. It’ll also help you get more insight look of your company and give them a friendly feeling.


Many companies are there who are just no more than a faceless corporate entity, so bump off this barrier between you and your audience by using the human touch to your benefit.

Write quality contents for your audience which can be used to their advantage. Additionally, share impressive, interesting, relevant articles and stuff of others on your social media profile. Sometimes curated contents work better than your own created content. Moreover, it is also one of the best ways for building partnerships and relationships with other businesses and companies.

Deal with the Right Companies

Most of the start-ups make the blunder of selling out their solution (products and services) to anyone and everyone, which can hurt your company. If you really want to good lead generation it’s crucial that you should only focus on the companies which are really the right fit for your business. Have a proper research, and know which companies are looking for the solutions as offered by you.


Make the way easier for companies to give a try to your solution. Offer free test run or free trial for your solutions. Remember, the easier you make it for potential clients (by offering some “try before you buy,” “15-days free trial period”, and so on), the more leads will be attracted.

Step-Up the Number of Opt-In

Offering more numbers of opt-in (preferred) offers in the website, eventually turns to be valuable to the audience and customers. It’ll help you get the number of sign-ups. Although providing a sign-up form at the end, or on the sidebar of each blog post is important to focus, but will not work out always. People don’t always like filling up long forms, and especially those which aren’t easy to fill out.

Every piece of content you are offering can be turned into an opt-in offer for your audience. The point is to make those opt-in offers very attractive so that the audience can’t stop themselves without clicking on it to download the resources meant for them. You can avail e-books, guides, reports, PDFs, and other stuff to download, and check which type of content or stuff is being liked most by your audience.


Don’t forget a customized 404 page

Because of the one or the other reasons like missing page or an outdated link, your site visitors may land on a 404 page. Do you know that you can make this “404 page” into a lead-generating opportunity? Yes, you can do it in a variety of several ways.


For instance, you can provide your opt-in offers here, or display your latest products and services, or anything else you want to show your audience. You can also direct your visitors to your popular posts. You can smartly turn this annoying experience into a value-adding one!


Answer questions on Quora

If you want to establish your business presence, off-site promotion is crucial. Answering questions on Quora, guest posting are some of the best ways to become an eminent industry expert and get more subscribers and followers in the process itself.

Quora is a question-and-answer forum website where questions are asked, edited, answered, and managed by the community of users. Using relevant industry or niche related keywords, you can have a look at the popular discussions and give your opinions and useful advice there. But you should answer there only when if it will make sense.

Giving relevant, value-adding, worthwhile answers will make more users to click on your profile to know more about you. In Quora profile, add your website links and social media profiles.


Build credibility

Trust is the only thing that makes good sales relationships– but if you’re a novice or a start-up with a little list of existing clients, how can you build trust? How can you tell them that you are here to stay? For building credibility, you can share some important details about the industry experience, etc. Share them about some of your official partners, sponsors, and advisors.


Share stories with your audience as a part of your overall sales process. The sales process of start-ups should not only focus on selling the customers on the value of your product, instead, it should show how your product, “next big thing” type of development- will fit into a wider context and is respected and trusted by people who have trust with your customers.

Be True to Your Brand – and Yourself!

For sure, start-ups may undergo several challenges, however generating sales can get easier if you have a look at it from a different viewpoint. Mobilize your sense of generosity, idealism, and optimism. Try engaging with people through creative conversations and know about their interest and requirement and how you’re offered products and services can suit their needs.


Remember, sales is eventually a matter of creating credibility and building relationships for the long-term. In sales, neither you have to “force” anyone to buy from you, nor have you to be a clinched slick, smooth-speaking sales person.

Be simple, be true, let your own sense of credibility – your own natural capability develop relationships, trust, and share information and assist people en route – direct your overall sales process.


A Quick Wrap Up

Lead generation is not a piece of a pie that can be easily achieved. It can be acquired from proper practicing and passion. This is a quest, increase the level of enthusiasm among yourself and murder all the apathy inside you. Implement your ideas, discuss with the real pros and take ideas from them. Stick with that idea and see the world changing around you. Now, you’ll get more and more leads, with fewer efforts.

Consistent efforts are the key to the secret in this field of lead generation. Experiment, test, tweak and focus on the most effective strategies. Balance your efforts in a way that will work for you. Try something new that will yield something positive on a continual basis.

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