Many of us have grown up so familiar to social media being a chunk of our daily lives that it looks eccentric to think about it as a “novel” and “latest” portent. But social media extending its wings with numerous advanced and novel technologies, just in the span of 10 years, an extent of niche websites outfitting to trivial populations now turned into lots of apps that assists in connecting the mainstream of the world’s population.

Social Media Marketing

It’s quite usual to think of this creation as enduring to exist in their existing forms. Yes, Facebook may redesign its existing layout, or we may find the new platforms arise randomly from time to time, but for the maximum part, the regular user predicts the present landscape of the social media reaming more or less or more same. On the other hand, I feel, social media is currently stepping into its adolescent or teen years and is around to find itself for the first time.

As far as evolution is concerned, social media has still a long way to go. And changes occurring regularly at a brisk pace, we marketers must be aware of all such changes. Because this is how we can survive and help our business from diminishing. But in the meantime, we must not get over indulged in search for trendy stuff and neglect other work possibilities. Thus hereby I present you with three sure to come changes that will lead to an evolution of social media to its next level.

1. Monopolization

We can find one platform impending to dominate the entire social media landscape, down the line like Google arose to dominate the online search world. At present, the social media speedster is evidently Facebook. So let us use Facebook to illuminate how this can go.


Facebook already purchased a key competitor (Instagram), and it’s only a staple of time a before it attains more platforms. Steadily all these individual platforms could blend and morph into a distinct all in one social experience. It may take some years to achieve this with trifling user distraction, but surely there is a possibility.

2. Pay-only visibility

Pay-only visibility

Most of the social media platforms are opening to cut back on the gradual visibility of cooperation’s and brands, instead prominently highlighting the content that comes from the distinct users. Although the brands like Facebook have rolled this as a path to sort the news feed restored for the normal user. One of the major fringe effects here is that the brands must have to pay extra if they need to continue attaining the same glassy of social reach. Ultimately, social brands find their organic prominence cut so radically that the paid advertising turns out to be the only way to attain significant reach.

3. Virtual and augmented reality

In the recent days augment reality is growing to be more famous among the people. This the reason most of the people are including AR and VR in their future predictions of social media for several years. Mostly by 2018 it will abide a significant influence on the social media world.

Virtual and augmented reality

Augmented reality can be able to take social media to the maximum extent with more nearness and real world assistances, and VR will provide people new methods to experience the world in and around them. The feedback hoops may entirely modernize how we connect with each other.

Final Thoughts

These three options may change the course of social media in upcoming days, anyone of this change will surely manifest in order to enhance the way we market to our customers.