Before moving into the topic we should know why we need Social Media Marketing?

The answer is quite known to us, in the digital era we cannot take a move without the help of social media and using it we need to set a strategy. As the floor of social media is global and quick so maximum opt for it. Now let’s discuss briefly it social media post drives targeted traffic which would help you to take your business to next level. Using this can also boost your search engine optimization which will help to earn top rank in search engine. Looking into all these advantages we need to set a goal to achieve best output using the social network and the plan should be a concise and capable of making best business in the market.

# 1st Goal: Make your brand viral

Make -your- brand- viral

Spread words about your brand as much as possible on social media. Don’t leave a single chance to post a good content with some images or videos related to your product. Increase the number of the followers, stay active and interactive on those sites and even take help of smart tools to get attention for your service.

#2nd Goal: Website traffic

 Website- traffic

Getting traffic for your website is an important thing to have a good sign for business apart from that analyzing the traffic also an important part especially if you are selling online. Because more the people lands on your webpage more you have a chance to sell so you need to analyze the report and improve yourself.

#3rd Goal: Loyal visitors

Loyal- visitors

You can check how much time a visitor spend on your page as it rises the chance of a sale. There is also another aspect of visitors loyalty is on average how many visits are required to convert them into customer. For this, you can use smart tools featured by Google.

#4th Goal: Rate of Conversion

Rate- of- Conversion

If you want to increase a total number of conversion from social media then you have to understand the relationship between social activities and sales. The most important goal is a visitor converting to a lead by entering some information into your web page. This conducts the majority of business online acting as a key measure of success.

#5th Goal: Branding

If you want to improve brand consistency to reach on top then you should take care of content, outreach and followers. But if you want to use it as a communication platform then you should have to keep in mind about response rate, engagement, and follower.


Metrics depending upon your Goal: After setting a goal is not enough to make your business grow, to make a goal measurable one you need to attach a metric to it. This metrics should be attached which depend on upon your goal, like in Facebook you need to measure the number of likes on page, post reach, engagement, page impression, share, etc. for Twitter you should count engagement, organic impressions, followers, message sent, response rate and time, mentions, profile visits and tweet linking you. Whereas in LinkedIn you can trace the impressions, clicks, interactions, follower, and engagement. So by tracing all this you can plan out for the next step but initially, you have to check all these elements.

Finally, we can conclude that a social media will guide in every step that we should take to expand our business. It will also help in preparing a blueprint for marketing strategy as well as it will give an idea about content strategy and other tools which we should follow to make your workflow more effective and efficient.