Twitter has been helping Serial, an Internet radio show, in gaining exponential momentum week-by-week, and rapidly growing its number of audiences. Twitter has that much of potential to magnify even the oldest electronic media’s form.

Social media is getting mingled into ‘Signal’— a pretty old fable device, and which is the journal radio show. The fans of this radio show get connected on Twitter, and they make offline listening bashes and meet-ups to debate about the crisscross of real murder secrecies.

The producer of the show started promoting this show on Twitter just a few months before it spread, and the enthusiasm continued to raise from the time of beginning. On each Thursday, a new episode is released, and Graham– the show spike on Twitter tells the data to determine how much the natter grew after all of the last 7 weekly episodes.

Every week people wait eagerly to hear about the next evidence of whether that guy is going to be vindicated or not. Social media are now granting the oldest form of storytelling to receive more interesting and get sturdier for audiences, as well as it is also creating power for NPR as they are capable of using social media to spread and successfully grow the potential audience.

Serious Show = Serious Branding Chance


Serial’ is one of the leading podcast on iTunes, and the only advertiser of the show is one of the most obvious devise. Followers will undoubtedly remember the Nick Thorburn’s song that so simply and beautifully fabricates one segment to the next one, and also they will very probably know the old ‘MailChimp’ ad that runs on each episode’s beginning. This ad very interestingly became a part of the conversation about the Serial.

MailChimp also enrolled their domain name as ‘’, acquired the @mailkimp to handle on Twitter, and the CEO and founder of the company added the hashtag #MailKimp to his Twitter’s profile.

Much of the recent research of the Twitter focus on how its services influences one’s personal relationships and user’s behavior with regard to television. Graham believes that marketer’s should look at the impact on brand, sales, leads and customer engagement, in order to identify the key performance objectives and indicators and determine their hit on Twitter. He also believed that social media should be thought to the standard of every media and should be dignified against business consequences.

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