If used properly and effectively, Twitter can act as a cash-cow for making quality leads, good amount of traffic and significant sales. In this blog post, I’m going to share the top and most useful 6 marketing tips businesses that can be used to make use of twitter to its utmost potential.

#1 Tweet summaries, not just headlines

Usually, it happens that when businesses tweet about their blog posts or other some other content they default to the easy (read: lazy) option: Just tweeting out only the title of their posts. This may often look like the most sagacious option, particularly keeping in mind about the limitation of twitter characters. But, if actually making people to click and go to your link is your main goal stay away from the simple choice. Instead of just simply tweeting the blog title along with a link, concisely sum up the blog post in such a way that will attract the attention of the followers.

#2 Add Images in Tweets


For sure, Twitter is a perfect tool for sharing small, precise text messages, but if all you are tweeting out is text you are missing out on twitter’s utmost potential. Tweets including images in it are approved to enhance the follower engagement, so why not add images to your tweets? A picture expresses the feelings that words can’t. Share the relevant pictures.

#3 Use Twitter’s Search function


How your business survives? Your business survives on reaching out the right people (your target market). What if I told you that you could find all the people that are actively expressing interest in what you offer? Well, with Twitter’s search function you can. You see, the thing is, people tweet all sorts of things, and often those things are directly related to your business. Say, for example, you offer hair care products. You could use Twitter’s built in search feature to find all people who have mentioned that they were “looking for a new conditioner”. Don’t believe me, try it out.

After finding these twitter users, you can follow them, and tactfully mention your offer. It’s really that simple.

#4 Automate with TwtBoardPro


Searching and Tweeting all day can be very time-consuming. However, you can automate both with a tool like TwtBoardPro. Using marketing automation tools such as TwtBoardPro, not only frees up your time, it saves you money. Rather than paying for expensive social media ads, you can reach customers for less than you’re probably paying for ads per week.

#5 Follow bloggers and press members

Recently launched a new product or service? Got a cool event coming up? Wouldn’t be great if you could tap into the networks of people with large followings? Well, you can. Just make it a habit to follow the bloggers and members of the press that produce the content you read (and that is related to your industry). Generally, journalists and bloggers include their twitter handle in the articles they produce, so it is pretty easy to connect with them directly. Once you build a rapport with your favorite bloggers/journalists, you will be in a good position to ask them to cover your business/product or service.

#6 Connect with industry leaders

Public Leader

Public Leader

Not only should you be connecting with bloggers and journalists, you should also be connecting with other people within your niche. Connecting with the most influential members within your niche opens up a wide range of potential benefits. Some of those benefits can be: getting your content shared to their followers, forming new partnerships, and more. But remember, relationships with influencers should be reciprocal. So, before you ask an influencer to help you out, be sure to ask how you can help them first.

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