In today’s world, it is the need of the hour to opt for digital marketing and use some social media marketing tool for the promotion of your business. Every business in using some or other manner for promoting their business. The benefit of these techniques is that they are easily available, very cheap in cost and provide a very good return. Both small or big businesses using social media platforms like twitter, facebook, Instagram and similarly many more like this for a promotion of their business to reach their targeted audience and this technique drives huge traffic towards their websites. 15-10-15  2

One of the problems which most of the business houses face in choosing the right option of digital marketing tool according to their business, so here we are going to discuss regarding some of the widely used social networking tools through which one can raise the earning of their business.

Lead generation

There are some sites which help in generating leads to you. There were few sites too who charge you some fees for the same. There was few very good software which help in generating leads by automation process one of such software is InBoardPro which is a product of Socioboard. The main role of these is to keep on posting and scrap data on behalf of you.


Blogging will make a definite image of you and explains the niche of your business in this way you can easily connect to your audience and will help in generating the most prospective audience. This will help the business in their SEO tactics also. This covers a great part of content marketing.

Facebook Pages

Promotion of your business through facebook pages will make a good communication with your client, this will help in creating a loyalty among the customer, you can communicate with them on the direct basis, simply ask for feedback and suggestions. The success of this method requires frequent monitoring and a regular update.

Geographical Based Services

This method will help you to gain a huge amount of customers. Services like Facebook places and much more like this will help you to learn a lot of people of the different place and this will help you to serve them according to their taste and this will drive new customers towards your business.

Text Message Services

Text message method will not go to give you new customers, but this method is more helpful in communicating with your existing customers. This will help you to maintain the relation with the old customers and you will not lose grip on those customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy used not to make new customer relation but to develop a better relation with the old and existing customers. Sometimes it brings new business too but that not in a huge amount basically it targets in building customer loyalty.

Ads On Social Media Platform

One can grab a huge targeted audience by going with social media ads. Ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will help you to focus you on the your targeted audience more precisely. These ads cost not too much and you can design them on your own based on audience taste, geographical location and audience information. 15-10-15

These are few of the most widely used techniques used by the business now a days for increasing their customers and driving more and more targeted audience towards your business. There were many tools which ease the manual work of you by automating the process. One of the most known and preferred is SocioBoard which help you to automate your work of posting the update and scrapping required data. Some of its major products include, FaceBoardPro, TwtBoardPro, InBoardPro and GramBoardPro.