Author: Jit Adhikary

How To Create Charismatic Instagram Ads For Small And Medium Sized Business?

Is your business on Instagram? Ever thought of using Instagram Ads? Wondering how to achieve better results with your Instagram Advertising? Irrespective of the size of businesses, advertising has always been a strong point as far as marketing is concerned. At present the traditional ways of advertising have evolved a lot, transforming it to a method of establishing personal relationships with customers. And Instagram is acting as a medium to boost up this one-to-one relationship development processes. Via Instagram Ads several marketing giants have successfully earned their customers trust and a glorifying reputation for their brand. However, various small...

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3 Ways To Increase Website Traffic and Conversion Rates for your Business via Social Media

Is your business on social media ? Have you been using it up to the full potential for your marketing efforts? There has always been  debate surrounding social media ROI and it just continues to go on. Yet according to some popular social media- marketers, influencers and community managers. A direct financial return isn’t the actual purpose social media. Instead, the ROI seemingly depends indirectly on the enhanced social marketing success. Current stats depict that social media is one of the most used marketing channels providing a huge amount of business traffic. In fact, when it comes to traffic...

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3 Things you should know about Instagram’s “Keyword Moderation Tool”

If you know what troubles can foul and inappropriate words bring to the social media? You must be aware of its drastic consequences too. Usage of indecent phrases can have an adverse effect onto your social media publishings. However, things will not be the same anymore, at least not on Instagram. With Instagram always making up to you though its various updates. This time, it comes up with something extraordinary. Yes, with Instagram unveiling a keyword moderation feature in its latest updates can simply leave you awestruck. The current CEO of this amazing social media platform announced this feature...

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Snapchat Introduces Captions For Snapchat Geofilters On Iphones

Wondering how to be more visible on Snapchat? Ever thought of giving Snapchat Geofilters a try? Eager to know how they can help your business? It’s not been long with Snapchat, entering the field of social media. And through it’s awesome features creating a buzz among all the marketers. And since then business entrepreneurs have turned a lot of their attention towards the snapchat. But what is all the fuss about this geofilters? And how is it supposed to help your business? Well, that is what you are going to know through this blog, so stay tuned for more...

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Facebook Says No To Ad blocking- How Will It Affect Your Business?[2021 Edition]

In the modern era of digitization, advertisements have turned out to be an inevitable and unavoidable part of the marketing industry. Believe it or not but unless you spot good ads, you don’t get attracted towards that particular product. Buying it surely is a long way to go. Facebook being one of the hottest platforms for social media marketing, has always been a supporter of ads. Even with its development, it introduced several features to promote ads. Why? Because Social-marketing platforms like Facebook tends to make most of their money through these ads. In their recent tactical moves release,...

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