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Author: shristi sahu

Top 15 Ideas To Create Engaging Posts For Facebook

Facebook has over two billion active users. With such a user density, creating engaging posts for Facebook is crucial. You need to include captivating images or messages that will catch your attention. These images are appealing because they are eye-catching and can cause people to stop at what you have posted. Some copies might seem too obvious. But if your post is compelling enough, then people will look at them. Facebook is a social media behemoth. But, it is easier for your content to get lost in the endless updates on the Newsfeed. You need to know how to...

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Top 10 Tips To Boom Your Business Through Instagram Reels

Instagram reels keep getting into the limelight of the social media generation. Well! Why not? Every time we search on the web regarding the secret of hacking the Instagram algorithm, we keep getting content that includes reels.  It is no secret that the Instagram algorithm favors newly added features such as stories and reels. Also, the CEO of Instagram already announced in the July of 2021 that “Instagram will no longer be a square-photo sharing app.” Which leads to the similar question of what Instagram will be then? But with recent revelations of – How the algorithm works, it...

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Linkedin Ads 101 | Everything You Need To Know

With 756 million users in 2021, Linkedin has become one of the biggest social media platforms to build professional networks and communities from anywhere in the world. And ads on Linkedin are the newest addition to the LinkedIn marketing platform.  The platform has different types of ads that can help you achieve different sets of goals. Well, before divulging more into ads, let us first have a look at the platform itself. LinkedIn is a social network that combines a professional profile with a business network. It has become the place where professionals from all over the world search for...

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10 Instagram Marketplace Hilarious Mistakes: Stop doing It In 2022

Nowadays, Instagram has more to offer than a simple social presence. Through its constant evolution in influencer marketing, e-commerce, and other exciting services, the platform evolved into something we call Instagram Marketplace. In my recent research via youtube and articles on how Instagram works. I have learned so many interesting things that can shake you on a deeper level.  Well! As we all know, Instagram has evolved so much in its journey. From being a simple photo-sharing app to becoming a social media giant. It became a one-stop-avenue for all the needs we have as a society. And as...

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