Very few writers recognize that how their work can appeal to all…

That is the reason what makes the title of language and linguistics so attractive since it helps elucidate all the whys’ like writing you love, tweets you read, updates you favor and the copy you desire.


Behind writing there is a technique of science and art that remains simply below the surface, in this blog you will get to know all about it and how to expose it and involve it into your promoting messages and how you can write copy that all will love!

1# Microstyle, Linguistics and The Attractiveness Of Small Writing:

“Just as painter paints,

And a ponderer ponders,

A writer writes,

And a wanderer wanders.”

― Roman Payne

If you look at the format of writing updates in Twitter then you will see a 140 character of limitations that has helped to shatter the use of creative expression and writing. It helps us to flourish creatively and when provided constraints, and according to me it has completely been true on social media where the messages are simple and short but the upshot resonates much more.

What writers and shares have seen powerful (purposefully or unintentionally) is the ability of a few special kinds of the word science.


And if it supports to have a small nudge of backing while you’re exploring the best means to write, here’s some opinion I believe from Paulo Coelho:

“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, and opinions.”

Most of the times it happens to me to click on a tweet or any update because of one word. That word possesses the power to pull or that are the catchy words that motivate the people to click on it. So, for social media marketing, you need to put words that sound cool.

You need to think of words that have the vast idea of syntax: words should be fixed into clauses, phrases and sentences. The choice of word should involve a rhythm, sounds and sometimes even letters that can make the variation between a phrase and sentence that prosper.

2# Create A New Word:

If you are in search of a great word then you can make a new word also.

Scrabble Scramble

The book “Microstyle” written by Christopher Johnson provide you the way to create the new word. In this book, he proposes 7 ideas to create new words and that are taken from old literary devices. Below is the complete list of it:

  1. Reuse an actual word
  2. Add a prefix or a suffix to a term
  3. Design a new compound word by attaching two words together
  4. Design a blend by mixing one part of a word other or word part or word
  5. Make anything up out of arbitrary syllables
  6. Design an acronym
  7. Design an analogy or work on words

3# Alliteration:

It is the existence of the equivalent letter or sound at the starting of adjacent or nearly connected words.


For example:

The wild winds whisk to the west.

Facebook on a flip phone? Fantastic!

Writers weave their witty, wonderful words into webs

4# Stop Consonants and Glide Consonants:

Stop consonants blocks the vocal tract while pronouncing the consonants. Glide consonants do not block the vocal tract and are fairly frictionless when pronounced.


Stop consonants involve:

  • b
  • d
  • g
  • k
  • t
  • p

Glide consonants may involve:

  • j
  • l
  • r
  • w

5# Anagrams:

Puzzle section of newspaper created on Anagrams.

Some of the examples for this are:

Edward Gorey = Ogdred Weary

Mother-in-law = Hitler woman

Astronomer = Moon starrer


6# Finish Your Sentence With Powerful Words:

You need to put some strong words in your last two sentences.

A concluding sentence means that you are making closure to a subject. Writing a conclusion may not come as simply as you may guess. Many writers lose to understand that it blocks out the final ideas about the topic on what they are writing. That is why it is necessary for you to be ready to write efficient concluding sentences.


7# Fun with Words: Swifties:

These phrases are skillful parodies that happen when quoting anyone and impute to the quote with a pun.

For examples:

“Be sure to put plenty of starch in my shirts,” said Tom stiffly.

“Are we eating at McDonald’s again?” asked Tom archly.


In the conclusion, you should be aware of which one you are using and which one is gaining more popularity! So, this will help to enhance your writing skill more.