Apparently, the demand is so high for skillful social media managers. According to the new trends and ever changing user behavior, what skills should your social manager have in 2017?

Social media management is the best profession that social media managers can have a great fun with social media for all the day.


Yes, it is. But, only if you gain the results that you wish for. If you ask me, I would say that it is one of the most challenging professions. Many challenges precede the usual fun.

The digital marketing industry goes bigger at a rapid speed. The scenario is completely different from what we saw some ten years ago. Every business, irrespective of their size, are marketing their business on social media in nowadays. And they started hiring in-house social media managers too.

If we see how the demand for social media managers has grown, it has risen from a 0 to 100 in one decade. (source: Google Trends)

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In 2017, these are the most preferred skills that you should look for in your social media manager:

1. Copywriting

Of course, content is the king. How can one grab the eyeballs without a captivating story and content?

Right from the filling up the profile fields to making posts, your words make the bridge between you and your customer. And who is responsible for this?

Your social media manager must master the art of Copywriting. So, while hiring one for your organization, make sure that he can deliver an amazing copy for your business and make the campaign successful.

The formula to churn out the copy may differ. But, the result should be meeting the campaign goals at last.

2. Visual Content Creation

Plain text messages and posts old-school techniques now. When more engagement means a lot for your business, you cannot use simple posts on social media. Because, people love visual content and that is what works for a business.

visual content- important on social media

So, your social media manager himself should be a visual creator. Well, if not he is an ultimate creator, he should know planning and creating good multimedia content. Keep it in mind.

3. Analytics

An analytics dashboard is a lighthouse for your campaign ships on the social media ocean.

Your social manager should be proficient with using the analytics tools to determine what is meant to be achieved and what is achieved so far.

Reading and understanding the data on the dashboards like facebook analytics, twitter analytics etc. and moderating plans accordingly is one of the key responsibilities of a social media manager.

4. Budgeting

Social media budgeting is so different from normal business budgeting. Social media budget is not the one that anyone can prepare. Let me explain you why.

Each social network follows different budgeting and bidding policies to serve ads. There are some common methods like CPC & CPM etc. This involves many sensitive things like your actual goal, and the expected results. So if you budget more, it may be a loss for your business. If you budget less, it may stop you from achieving the deserved results.

This budget can be altered. But, only when you face the heat. So before your wrong budgeting burns you, you should determine the right bidding and budgeting for your business.

So look for the skill of proper budgeting in a social media manager for your business.

5. Customer Support

Wondering how come this is a responsibility of a social media manager?

Let me tell you the fact that most of the customers are now turning to social media to get some assistance. Then, your social media manager should know how to handle the customer service on the respective social media platform, shouldn’t he?

You cannot compromise with customer support. Because, if a customer is not satisfied with your service, he never comes back. And a negative mouth publicity takes your business down. So, make sure your new social media manager can handle customer support services on social platforms.

These are the 5 skills that you should look for in a social media manager in 2017. Without any of these skills, one cannot achieve what a business wants from social media marketing. So employers, start filtering the candidates this updated knowledge.

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