It’s undeniable that the heart of your business’s success lies in its marketing. In today’s cut-throat competitive market, marketing is much more fluid than ever. New social media platforms are introduced almost every month piling out updates at full tilt speed. Marketing is the backbone of any business, without it, your business may offer the best solutions in your industry, but none may be aware of it! Without proper marketing, sales might get crashed and thus shutting down the companies!

Social media marketing is the imperious Cyclops that can’t be ignored at any cost. A single viral social media campaign has the power of getting you millions of customers like a cinch.

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Starting Out With Social Media: Growing from Scratch to 1000%

For businesses that have deep pockets, using social media marketing for expanding reach and profit is the new way of getting ‘guaranteed’ success they’ve been looking for. Social media experts really make it sound so easy…….post a couple of time on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and the traffic will pour into your pocket. Most of the businesses that until recently ran successfully with using conventional marketing channels, social networking may appear overwhelming. In reality, it’s not so easy. Numerous businesses choose to opt-out of the chaos. After that, you will find others. Nowadays, many businesses arm themselves with a brilliant strategy and  win but for that you need some time to really understand the nitty-gritty of how to use social media to its fullest potential.

Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market is One Such Business:


Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market is a great place to eat for seafood lovers situated in Menlo  Park, California is an 87-year old small business. Until August, their primary marketing channels were organic search and word-of-mouth. However, being an online store, the Restaurant realized the fullest potential that social media marketing offered them.

They revamped their marketing strategy and joined social media communities to increase market presence of their award-winning menu that has been carefully put together to bring you Superior Quality and Delicious Seafood without a high price, and  without the wait.

While visiting their online store you can simply place your order over the phone, or by fax, and you’ll have it hot, delicious and absolutely ready for pick up when you arrive. Even if you would like to dine with your friends and family in their nautical theme and clean dining room, you can make a call to them to book a table. When you arrive, the wait is never more than a few minutes to serve your foods. Their foods can also be arranged for both big and small official parties and get-togethers.

With this, they revamped the  social media presence of Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market and today more than millions of visitors land to their sites– all because of Socioboard’s TwtBoardPro.

Change your barren social media profile into a strong, growing marketing channels:

We, at Socioboard know how important social media is as a marketing channel and we believe that it is never too late for social media. So if you’re a business that has yet to get social or if you’re looking at revamping your social media strategy, read on as we take you through the social media journey of Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market. In this case study, you will-

Learn how Socioboard built the social media presence for Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market using their knowledge and Swiss Knife of Twitter marketing “TwtBoardPro” – a powerful social media marketing growth tool.

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