Have you come across the new Facebook Reactions?

Wandering How Could these Reaction Affect Your Marketing?

Do you want to make the most out of this new reactions?


Till now you must have known that you can do more than just liking a post. Now you get 6 options to react to a post. They are Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry and the old one Like option. Now people got the freedom to precisely show their interest towards a particular post.  


People have reacted differently towards the inclusion of these new Reactions. But a common reaction was that they wanted a dislike reaction included in these new reactions. But as Mark has already confirmed that there will be no such Dislike reaction available to the users.    

This what Mark has to say about the inclusion of new Facebook Reactions-

“The like button is truly significant in light of the fact that it’s a route for you to rapidly express a positive feeling or assumption when somebody puts them out there and offers something. A few individuals have requested a Dislike Reaction since they need to have the capacity to say, “That thing isn’t great.” That is not something that we believe is great. We’re not going to design anything like that, and I don’t think there should be a voting component on Facebook about whether posts are great or terrible. I don’t feel that is socially significant or useful for the community to help individuals share the critical moments in their lives.”

The logic behind not introducing the dislike reaction is to avoid any kind of negative interactions. The number of negative users on Facebook is more. Facebook wants their user to stay on the platform as long as possible. And including DISLIKE reaction will be counter-intuitive to this goal.


These Reactions have lots to do with marketing at Facebook. Let’s discuss some strategies that will really help assist a business to make the most out of these new reactions.

1: Urge Fans to Utilize These Reactions

Individuals love attempting new things. Just welcome your fans to try out the new responses on your page today. Not just will it instruct your fans how to utilize this element, yet it will likewise help your page’s general engagement and reach among the audiences.  


2: Combine Reaction With Contest Entries

This post is an awesome example since it not just requests a particular response, it likewise shows fans how to utilize responses AND tosses in a giveaway!


But You must follow Facebook’s guidelines to take this approach.

3: Bypass Negative Surveys

This sample is really a story from a nearby ABC news station, however, it could be an extraordinary illustration for  organizations that offer administrations AND have a Facebook page that is interested in audits.


Instead of giving individuals a chance to come to your page and leave negative or bad reviews when your administration goes down, pin a post to the highest point of your page telling individuals that your administration is down, and you’re attempting to determine it as quick as possible. With the new angry reactions, individuals will ideally respond to the post angrily and won’t leave any negative remarks.

4: Research Your Rival’s content

you can go to any Facebook page, click on a post’s reactions, and see the  how fans have responded to that post.


Utilize this to gauge how fans of Facebook pages like yours react to particular sorts of posts. For instance, in case you’re sharing quotes, pictures of clever felines, item declarations, or something comparable, you can now go above and beyond than simply seeing whether those sorts of posts will get engagement. You can see precisely how fans feel about those posts!

5: Share Facebook Responses as Your Page

In case you’re utilizing Facebook as your page to remark on different pages to get more exposure for your Facebook page and your business, you can use your Facebook page to leave responses on other Facebook page posts. Be beyond any doubt to likewise leave a comment, as the comment will bring more exposure for your page than the response will.


6.Better comprehension of clients

Already, Facebook users had a couple of choices when they saw a bit of brand content in their news feed:

  • Like it
  • Ignore it
  • Comment on it
  • Share It


For instance, in case you’re seeing a considerable measure of “haha” Responses, it is clear that your group of audiences find your content interesting – this is something that you wouldn’t discover with the “like” option.

 7. Decreased Comments

Earlier comments were the only way people used to show their concern towards any post. But these new reactions have made it easy for the followers or fans to show their concern. A comment from your fan had to be replied. But now as people rely on the reactions to show their interest, it has become easy for the page owners to know the interest of the clients and not providing attention to each and everyone’s reactions.

In Conclusion

The new Facebook reactions can be a fun route for Facebook fans to connect with pages, an extraordinary path for organizations to empower particular enthusiastic reactions from fans, and a route for organizations to beat their rivals.

As a Facebook page owner, it’s an ideal opportunity to get inventive with your overhauls to guarantee that your fans connect with you utilizing Facebook reactions as a part of an ideal way that is available!