Want to run a successful facebook contest?

Just go through this article to know simple tips that can make your contest a big success. Here, we are presenting a checklist of 10 easy-to-follow tips for you.

The foremost thing you need to do is, just study the terms of services of facebook. Because, there are some terms of use regarding the contests and promotions. Facebook may change them regularly. Hence, make sure that everything is okay with the terms of use to conduct your contest. 

1. Goal…let it be SMART

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This means, you are supposed to define the goals of your contest. You cannot make a plan without a clear vision on you want, can you? Generally, marketers organize these contests to create awareness of their product or grow their email list or to create more user generated content or any other business goal. Make sure what you want from the contest and make plans accordingly.

2. Contest…of WHAT?

Looking into it, we learnt that the contests like caption, photo-vote, video vote and sweepstakes are the most popular contests on Facebook. These contests can serve you with different purposes. If you want to generate more user generated content, try a video or photo vote contest.


If you want to get more traffic and emails, it is better to try the sweepstakes. This is the only game that can grab more entries.


This is the thing you have to concentrate on. You are running a contest to get some potential information. Whatever the data you are getting from the contest, can make a big deal in future marketing.


Use the third party tools like SocioBoard to collect all the email addresses and other contact information of the entrants. Use the tools that have the voter verification features to keep everything up.

There are some special tools that can collect the Facebook profiles of the users who engage with your post.

4. Keep time FRAME

The important thing you have to let your audience know is the time period of the contest going to be run. The thing is, you have to collect some data. The time you have to run the contest is dependent on the data you want to collect. So, run the contest and offer prizes accordingly. If you are to offer a big prize, run the contest for long periods like one month. If you are offering a small giveaway and likewise, just run it for small time periods. That too, make it occasional.


5. Make RULES

There should be some terms of rules that help you run the contest smoothly. So, be specific with the rules and make sure you are letting all the users to know them beforehand.


Include the information like what the users should be doing, when the results would be out, and how they would decide the winner etc. This can give the users clear information and devoid any further issues.

Determine who are the people can participate in the contest. Make use of the SocioBoard tools to create some specific groups targeting on the users can participate in the contest. This can get you precise data you need.

6. Announce a RELEVANT PRIZE

Announce alluring prizes like an iPhone or a bike. But, remember that the users who are interested in the prize may not be interested in your brand. So, choose a prize that can resemble your business and your brand and enticing to the entrants as well.


7. Make your PAGE

Once you have done all the workouts regarding the contest, it is time to make your Facebook page. This page should contain some stuff that attracts the users. Add the images of your contest. Keep a feature image of the prize you are going to give.

Design the images of the contest with a neat and attractive design. Make use of the tools available to edit pictures.

Make sure that you use trendy hashtags in your posts on the contest page. This can reach more and more users.

Obviously, you have to remember of the hashtags, contest images, feature image of the prize.


This is the form people need to fill up. But, do not make it with more columns. For an online business, you need the information like name, email id and phone number. These three columns along with any other useful information for your business are enough.


9. Keep the contest MOBILE FRIENDLY

As the number mobile users of facebook is very large, keep your contest mobile friendly. Not all the softwares are compatible with mobile phones. So, choose the right software. SocioBoard has mobile applications as well. So, if you use the socioBoard tools, it can reach a number of users.


Finally, the promotion of the contest is very important. You have to promote it wherever you can. You can use the other social media platforms like twitter to promote the contest. Share this with all your contacts and already existed customers.



Once you finished all the phases of the contest, the last phase is announcing the winner. Always try to make a win-win situation. That is, besides the winner, reward all the entrants. Offer them special coupons or discounts in the business you are dealing with. In a way, This can get more sales and profits for your business. Win-win, isn’t it? And keep running the contests frequently.