Today, most of the marketers are feeling challenged in the field of Facebook marketing. And the primary reason behind this is the increasingly crowded news feed. The new Facebook algorithm updates are making it tougher for the brands to get noticed in the news feed easily. Facebook is continuously making shifts which are ultimately affecting the Facebook Pages.

It’s quite well-known that optimizing the Facebook Ads can be both confusing and tedious as well. Over the years, Facebook has repeatedly proved itself to be one of the most easiest and effective social media platforms for making positive ROI (return on investment). Despite the fact that Facebook has been around for a while, modern strategies and methods often come up as Facebook continues to roll out innovative features on its developing, albeit amazing, marketing platform.

According to a recent research, nowadays, brands are very much responsive to low-cut organic reach on Facebook by sharing more quality content and stuff to Instagram than Facebook. However, still there are ample of life left in Facebook if thought and act smartly. Most marketers approaches are spray and pray today, but adopting these 10 tactics in the Facebook marketing toolbox can make a big difference in making your life easier and your marketing efforts more successful-

1. Use native videos


The Video is the most effective Facebook marketing tactic to adopt now for ensuring your success on Facebook. Currently, Facebook is driving good traffic from Youtube with video, which means that adding native videos can be helpful. A video draws people’s attention. Make your video easy, short and quick with an influential call to action.

What happens with autoplay, it’s all psychology. They come in through your newsfeed, start to see a tiny bit of movement, boom, it draws them in. They’ll stop and play your video. Make it short, quick and easy, with a call to action.”

Socialbakers, a social media analytics company conducted a study which concluded that video posts had organic reach of 8.71 percent, very much greater than text-based statuses 5.77 percent, link posts 5.29 percent and photo posts 3.73 percent.
1. SocialBakers-study
You should use video on Facebook by these 3 ways:

  • Choose a featured video

  • Post it natively

  • Create video playlists

2. Share quote photos

Creating and sharing quote photos are the other influential tactic. It’s because, people are inclined towards inspirational and heart touching quotes which raise an emotion or motivates them, which makes them share it with their friends and family.

Sharing in Facebook acts like a social proof, as if your follower/fan shares your content or anything with their friends, they’ll also like you back. These new eyes are a good chance for establishing relationship process.

The success of using this tactic for Facebook marketing depends on many things, like relevancy, quality of the photo and others.


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3. Target your organic posts

Sometimes it happens that Facebook limits the post to a small crowd of audience. So, when it happens, make sure that you limit your posts to exactly the audience you want to. As the Facebook has rolled out several new tools for publishers, more brands are experimenting with targeting audiences for the Facebook organic posts.

A research found that few targeted posts certainly had more engagement that the Facebook posts in which targeting was not used. Targeting has potential, especially for small business owners.

4. Use Facebook’s CTA button

4. facebook-cta-choices

To the delight of several marketers, Facebook launched CTA (call-to-action) buttons for Facebook pages in 2014 to bring out businesses’ vital objectives to the perspective of its Facebook presence. The research carried out by Facebook itself has shown that adding CTA buttons on Facebook pages is extremely easy and can help in boosting the customer acquisition efforts.

When a visitor lands on your page for the very first time, ensure that you make the most of this and include an appropriate CTA. These 7 CTA are available at present to page admins:

  • Contact Us

  • Book Now

  • Use App

  • Shop Now

  • Sign Up

  • Play Game

  • Watch Video

5. Use Facebook Dark Posts to Engage Multiple Audiences


Dark posting on Facebook is the posts that appears in your newsfeed but not on your page’s timeline. Rather, these dark posts are targeted to the specific audience of your choice. Dark posts allow you to advertise your content and modify it to the different crowd of audiences without jumbling it on your Facebook page.


It also gives a flexibility for split testing that is, to check out which message or image works best for your same audience. Eventually, Facebook dark posts will assist you in becoming more precise to the specific people you are targeting. It’s quite well-known that, the more relevant an ad is to the receiver, the more probable the receiver will get engaged with the advertisement.

6. Alter your posting frequency

6 negative-feedback

Increasing and altering your post frequency according to your customers is the other foolproof tactic to counter down the Facebook reach. A research stated that total interactions on Facebook daily increases linearly with posts each day. Negative feedback isn’t correlated with the posting frequency. Today, there are numerous tools available in the market that tells about the Facebook insights, so using it you should try upping your Facebook post frequency.

7. Be creative with trending topics

7 trending-topics

Facebook today is moving much closer into real-time, especially when it’s all about Trending Topics. Daily, the trending topics catch millions upon millions of eyeballs. You are never too late to use the trend marketing in your contents. It’s like low hanging fruit, so be quick and start picking.

From these 3 ways, increase your click-through conversion rates-

  • Identify what is trending

  • Make it relevant

  • Don’t overdo it

Take the advantage of Trending Topics in such a way that feels organic and personal, instead of spammy and forced.

8. Review your negative feedback


Knowing what your audience is not liking is one of the easiest strategies to make them happy in future with your content. The Facebook Insights provides 4 different types of negative feedback including-

  • hide post

  • hide all posts

  • unlike page

  • report page as spam

These stats are the raw number offered by Facebook, however, it may be also considered as the ratio relative to the overall interactions.

Analyzing the negative feedback can assist you identifying in a better way about which types of posts your audience considers as spam, irritating or prefer to hide at a higher rate. You can also know about the different patterns to assist you in guiding your post themes, types, and language use.

9. Keep experimenting


Undoubtedly, Facebook is an amazing place for brands to get flourished. The pages offering quality, relevant contents, and the organic content is still valued on Facebook. Contents which are relevant to audience’s interest, tells about something, makes them think upon something, entertains them or in some or the other way adds values to audience’s lives — can still reach people positively in News Feed.

Expecting the organic reach is totally uncertain, and possessing a piece of content ‘go viral’ very rarely corresponds to the core goals of a business. If you are using Facebook to get particular business objectives such as driving in-store sales or fostering app downloads, your business can experience much higher value.

10. Cinemagraphs


Cinemagraphs are the static photographs incorporating occurrence of a small and repeated movement. It’s one of the latest Facebook tactics which is grabbing everyone’s attention on Facebook. Cinemagraphs, are usually published in either animated GIF format or as video, and gives the fantasy that the viewer is seeing a video.

As long as Facebook remains the considerable social networking platform, marketers can never afford to ignore it at any cost. It’s important to keep experimenting on Facebook to prevent losing the interest of followers or fans. These 10 tactics are a good place to start right now.

Are you experimenting with any new strategies or types of posts on Facebook now? Which Facebook marketing tactics you found effective? I’d love to hear what’s been working effectively for you in the comments!