Are looking forward more business?

Marveling how the social media can contract the process of sales?

Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter make it quite easy to grow relationships with the prospective customers before you probe for a meeting.

Find prospects

Here you will find how to connect with potential prospects on the social media.

#1: Explore Your Prospects

Researching your prospects is perilous to the sales practice. Indeed a sales person need to know everything which includes your prospects details and companies they work for.

Explore Your Prospects

You can follow the latest news announced on your prospects websites and look whether they’ve generated revenue, see whether they’ve hired someone unique, and explore how their particular stock is performing.

How will you monitor your sales team to handle this? Here are 3 major social media platform to get started with.


Discover your prospects

Discover your prospect and their particular companies on twitter and look the type of updates and content they are posting to their accounts. Find whether they are retweeting to each and every tweet? Do they send tweets multiple times a day? Analyzing this kind of data allows you to get a sight into the company and person you want to start your business with.


LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to find the status of each and every company. For instance, you can explore the details such as marketing and sales regular updates.

explore marketing and sales information

In order to get the prospect information, you can go to their LinkedIn profile. Find the past working details, experience, and their schooling.

It’s worthy to note prospects interests, so it assists you to join them on a personal level.


Numerous individuals utilize their Facebook profile for individual reasons, however, it doesn’t hurt to look at potential customers on the network. On the off chance that the data is openly accessible, discover what makes prospects tick. Do they have a family? Do they get a kick out of the chance to ski? You can use this contextual data for up and coming discussions.

#2: Engage and Connect With Your Leads

Having completely researched your prospects, you next move will be to introduce them and make them feel more comfortable with your sales team and other company personals. Do you want these prospects to drive your sales people performance? Are you willing to offer what they need? Thinking how to do that? Be more focused on the consultative sales of precious information when people are in need of it.

Engage and Connect With Your Leads

Make adequate usage of social networking platforms to convey your prospects more about your company. And about the enriched quality content you are willing to provide.

Content marketing is considered certainly to be more important with the approach of aligning of your sales team alongside your marketing team. Your sales people being on the front line have the knowledge about your important prospects. Share creative ideas along with your marketing thereby influencing their ways to develop case studies, guides, infographics and tutorial videos. This can stand out to be critical for your sales.


Watch out for what your prospects are tweeting about. In the event that they’re tweeting about individual things, you may not have any desire to retweet them or toll in. Be that as it may, in the event that they’re posting about their business, it’s inclined time.

Watch  your prospects

In the companies is posting about extraordinary stuff happening, you’ll need to like and retweet their updates. The more they see that you’re intrigued, the less demanding the following steps in your business procedure will be.

Here are few that assists you to make more connection on twitter

• Follow the business tweets of your prospects.

• Make your company account to follow your prospects companies account.

• If they feel contented doing so, then your salesperson must follow both the prospects and the company.


Watch out for what your prospects like and partake in your LinkedIn stream. At that point like and impart that content to your networks. On the off chance that prospects are composing and posting their own substance, as and offer that, as well.

To make it a further, impart their content to significant gatherings you have a place with.

Bear in mind your group can ratify a prospect too, which will demonstrate you’ve gone the additional mile.

Here is the few way to make connections on LinkedIn

• Your salespeople, marketing team and CEO must follow the company page.

• CEO of your company should follow the prospects.
• Your sales team should establish a direct connection with prospects.


Follow what your prospects are posting on their company page. Join the chat and share, like the content on you company page.

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3: Probe for a Meeting

At Present it’s a great opportunity to ask individuals you’ve associated with (or have shared or liked your content) for a meeting.

Probe for a Meeting


See whether your prospects are setting off to a conference that you’re going to attend. Check whether they’re posting with the hashtag. On the off chance that they are, begin a discussion utilizing the hashtag and their Twitter handle, and request a meeting. It’s dependent upon them how they need to react.


When you send a LinkedIn message to thank individuals for a sharing or for connection your content, request a brief meeting (you just need a foot in the entryway) and note what they’ll receive in return. Keep your request short and separate your passages to enhance decipherability. Recollect that, you’re managing occupied individuals who will probably examine your request.


By using the above-mentioned tips one can reduce their process of sales by assisting you to learn more about your prospects and their respective companies before you join for a sales meeting with them.

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