Do you know that, on average, 6000+ tweets happen in just a second? If you calculate that, it counts around 500 million tweets in a single day only. With so much content on Twitter, it would be too much hustle to search for any particular tweets. Here comes the Twitter advanced search to play the role.

It provides you with features that let you filter and search for specific content. Every day, you see thousands of posts in your timeline. And many of such tweets are most likely of no use to you.

The Twitter advanced search option gets you the concrete results using which you can search for specific hashtags, user accounts, terms or any links. All the more you have the advanced features which also allows you to find tweets by dates, types, languages etc.

Here are some more reasons why one should consider using Twitter Advanced Search options.

Why Use Advanced Search?

Whether you are an individual who wants to gain influence on Twitter or want to promote your business through Twitter, with advanced search, you can get access to a pool of information about your target audience. It also gets you information about your competitors and their marketing strategies. All the more, there are many more things to unveil about Twitter advanced search. So without further ado, here we start!

Twitter advanced search

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search Feature?

For a simple search on Twitter, you have the search box option on the top right corner. When you search for something and can’t find expected results, you can go with the advanced search feature. Just beside the search option, there you have a three dots menu. If you click on that, it will show you the advanced search option . Select that.


Now a pop-up screen will open, there you need to feed information for which you are looking.


In the first section, there is an option to add keywords and phrases. And also, you can add keywords or text which you want to avoid in your search results. There you also have the option to mention hashtags and select the language you would like to target.

Next, in the second section- Accounts, here you need to add the account name of people whom you are searching on Twitter. After that you have filters, Engagement, and Date options to categories your search results.

twitter search

In brief, with these options given, you have the ability to search for the exact user account or tweets with additional information such as views, likes, retweets, and replies for a specific period.

Here are the 12 parameters based on which you can search for the exact result on Twitter.

  1. Text that includes all of these words.
  2. Text that includes the exact phrase mentioned.
  3. Tweets that include any of these words.
  4. Text that includes none of these words.
  5. Includes hashtags mentioned.
  6. Language.
  7. Tweets from these accounts.
  8. Tweets mentioning these  accounts.
  9. Tweets sent in reply to these accounts.
  10. Replies and links.
  11. Level of Engagement.
  12. Date (Period of time).

Save Your Advanced Search-

After selecting the search query, you might have got some relevant results as well. While if you want to check on that for future reference also, there you have the option to save your search results.

Click on the same three dots menu below advanced search- you have the option to save your search results.

After that, you can access that information anytime you want. Whenever you click on the search bar, it will show you the options you have already searched and saved.

Why Use Twitter Advanced Search?

Now you know how to use the advanced search feature, you might be thinking about the reasons for using it. If you see, based on the above-shown parameters, you can access some valuable pieces of information. And that you can also help you with your business promotion.
Let’s checkout some of the advantages of using the Twitter Advanced Search option.

Find Your Potential Customers Using Keywords-

Using the right keywords that are relevant to your business, you can search for the audience who might have used these keywords or hashtags. There you may also mention your competitive brands, those of which are getting better engagement and conversions.

Once you learn about those potential customers, you can connect with them, build relationships to enhance engagement and sales for your business.

Learn About Your Target Audience-

It will help you to learn about the likes and dislikes of your target audience. By analyzing the search results, you will learn about the products or services they are looking for. Whether they are excited or they are having complaints and looking for alternatives. By studying those things, you can optimize your Twitter marketing tactics to ensure better conversions.

Build Your Brand Voice-

Every brand wants to enhance its voice and build its community on Twitter. By doing so, they connect with more people and gain better exposure for their business. Basically, advanced search options have filters, which let you find tweets mentioning your brands. They might have any queries or maybe someone talking negatively about your brand. In that case, you can learn about their sentiments and sort out their problems.

That way, you could win better recognition for your business. And that would also help you enhance your brand reputation and bring you more business opportunities.

Keep Track of @Mentions-

Have you been tracking your brand mentions on Twitter via Notifications? But not everyone who is talking about your brand will tag you. In that instance, you may miss out on a lot of information. Don’t you also want to know about that? Then with advanced search, you can track each and every tweet which has mentioned your brand name, even with some wrong spelling or incomplete name of your business website.

Information About Relevant Industry’s Influencers-

Social media is full of influencers who share their expertise with various products and services by collaborating with brands. With an advanced search option, you can also learn about such influencers who talk about the relevant subject with your business. And collaborate with them to bring more engagement and following for your brand on Twitter.

Enhance Your Customer Service-

When people talk about your brands on Twitter, you need to be responsive enough to give them a reply and help them with their queries. People also like to connect with brands that provide better customer support. By using Twitter’s advanced search option, you find such complaints about your brand product or service and help them with their queries. This would help you to enhance your influence and you may win more followers and gain potential customers for your business.

With so many things going on, it won’t be easier to manage everything on social media. In case you are looking for a solution to manage your Twitter and other social media accounts actively.

Socioboard is the solution you have. It is a platform using which not only you can schedule your post but also organize and optimize your posting routine based on the calendar. Also, it has a lucrative feature, which lets you analyze and search for more captivating images, news, videos, etc. The best thing about this tool is that it also allows you to collaborate with coworkers. So even if you are short-handed, your team can manage the task for you.

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Closing Words:

So after going through this blog post are you ready to utilize Twitter Advanced search to find and create more sales opportunities for your business. Finally, it depends on you, how you explore this feature to gain most things out and benefit your business.

If you find this blog informative and useful, please also share it with others who may need this. For any further queries, please mention them in the comments section given below.