Understanding the potential client base should be the top priority for any business before reaching out to social media platforms. Social media can give feasible returns only if prospects are using it. It’s a waste exercise if potential clients are not reachable through social media. If clients are on social media space then the plan moves ahead.

Facebook is unequivocally the best platform for B2C leads and sales. A picture based platform like Pinterest or Instagram can act as a great tool to increase visibility and help Facebook profile. Pictures on platforms have to go hand in hand in with engaging people in stimulating ways and offering value that appeal to end-users.

LinkedIn can be effectively deployed to leverage sales pertaining to B2B products or services, it offers highly professional network building ecosystem. Quite the platform you need to relate to key personnel at corporations which might be of importance.

Twitter is highly effective to broadcast news and updates, also can be harnessed as a great feedback platform. If people get a system which can help to handle multiple social platforms at one place then it could be highly effective as it saves a lot of hassles at both address and addressee’s ends.

There are numerous examples wherein sales people have been successful in posting about various solutions related to the issues their products or services address to and then get leads with remarkable conversion rates. There is nothing more impressive than meeting someone at point of need with impeccable timing.

A thorough business plan is the start of a road map which can be taken as a bottom line in recognizing target audience. Segmentation of products or services can help in streamlining the market to suit needs. Conveying the right information is the key task but only after a rigorous research.

Developing customer profile is need of the hour especially if you offer range of services, this can have demographics as well as psychographics. Both address who and why respectively, a very important angle in marketing. Customer profile along with knowing where the target audience hangs out will facilitate easy delivery of the information.

The job doesn’t get done after understanding the target audience , it’s very important to evolve with time and stay abreast with market and industry trends and most of all your competition. Equally important is to see how your current and potential clients evolve.