Are you writing a content for your business?

Do you want to grow 400% growth on your website?

Do you want people always come back to read your website again and again?

Writing Content for a website or a blog is not that easy. In true sense, it’s an art which helps you drive engagement and traffic to your website. The power of words is impeccable. With this power, one can easily meet their marketing goals.

content marketing word

The equation is very simple if you want to make your business grow then, you have to raise the number of visitors for your website. For this you need an adroit content marketing strategy which is basically a strategy to create, distribute, attract and target a defined audience to get profitable customer action. More clearly you can say, it is an art to communicating with your customers and letting them know about your products or services. If the essence of your content is strong then the half task of your marketing is done because through your content only you would be able to deliver tidbit information to the buyer. With the help of a convincing content, only one can drive traffic to their own website. Therefore, we need to keep in mind that your content should able get maximum traffic which is the latest strategy known as content to drive traffic.


A few years ago Google decided to charge penalties to those sites posting duplicate content, and will honor those sites with an original and authentic content. Original content not only helps to get rewards from Google but also helps to get good rankings among different similar sites, which directly increases the Traffic for the website. If you write a good and authentic content, then Search Engine will help your content to drive Traffic.

So let’ s have a look at some of the important ethics of content marketing-

  • Select the topic related to your website: To develop a content for your website you must need to collect an idea.  Make a habit of saving an idea for your title and topic.  Whatever the idea you have shared with your partners or the interested group use the different tool or software to store  it. You will see that you will get more point to write on the topic which will make an impression on your reader.
  • Create authentic contents:
    Authenticity is the core of a good content writing. By providing clear and authentic content business can make the people visit their sites. Stop writing useless and unnecessary things just to write a content. Firstly you have to think about the topic of the content and then phrase sentences that give a sense to your content.


  • Provide New and Interesting Facts: It is the tendency of the people that they are attracted towards new and interesting facts. A feeling of curiosity is seen, they want to get knowledge about the recent and new topics, and they want always to be updated.
  • Following SEO rule: Whenever you write the post always follows the SEO rule.In SEO rule, we are using primary key and the secondary key. A primary key means a keyword that you use for your topic. Primary keyword must use 3 times in your content marketing writing and secondary keyword must use 2 times in all over the topic.

Using of links – You can use a different type of links in your post (ex-bank link, enter link, external link, anchor tag etc.). The thing all action will help you to bring content to drive traffic.


  • Add images and videos and Post content on social media: Always try to add some images and videos to get the attention of the visitors as most of them don’t have much time to read thoroughly your content but images or videos can force them to take an interest. People stay more active on social media so always try to post or share your content on social media platforms too. The report says that it is the easiest and efficient way for content to drive traffic.


As already mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, content marketing is an art. You need inculcate this art in your self in order to excel in the domain of content marketing. The above are certain tips and content marketing is an entire ocean. One need to prepare well in order to have a nice swimming session or else it wouldn’t take time for you to drown in this ocean.

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