The general vibe around Thanksgiving is that of the following – autumn, pumpkin spice, turkeys, and everything nice! The hangover from the Halloween season is just ending and a new festival is just hovering around the block. And it very much reflects on your social media feed. You will see folks posting about how they are looking forward to relaxing and having a fun time with their family on Thanksgiving.

Your current and possible customer is also looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving through gifting or a different way to spend some money to have something special. And it is one of the best times of the year to make some more revenue or make an impression as a business owner and a marketer. Thanksgiving is one of the best times for your small business to make an impact. If marketed properly you gain a potential long standing customer.

Here in this blog we have compiled some key marketing tips, Thanksgiving social media posts, and ideas for you. In addition to that some important Thanksgiving marketing questions will be answered in this blog. Questions like:

  1. What should I post on Thanksgiving?
  2. What Thanksgiving ideas shall I make up?
  3. What could be the best slogans or catch phrases related to Thanksgiving for small businesses?

Turkey is not the only thing getting stuffed this year, as we will fill your arsenal with Thanksgiving marketing ideas to try.


Best Social Media Practices for Thanksgiving 

Geography is a key advantage for small businesses to stand out from the big brands during these key marketing seasons. Add on top of that an event like Thanksgiving, it makes a perfect make or break situation. To make your business known and turn the tides into your favour, here are some beneficial ideas:

  1. Express Gratitude
    It is easy given the name “Thanksgiving Day.” But as a business owner at the end of a year that was riddled with issues from back to back, it is easy to forget these small things. Use Thanksgiving as a window to share with people about what you are grateful for this year. As the kids these days say, “Let the vibes flow.”
    Be it your employees, your customers, members of the community, or the regular domestic help. Convey it through your social media platforms, a post showing your gratitude is a quick and easy way to embrace the holidays though these tough times. But it works more than a gimmick! It helps you reach out to people with genuine emotions.
  2. Use of Hashtags related to Thanksgiving and Fall Season
    To ensure the best visibility on social media hashtags have become a key component to it. Hashtags act as a filtering factor for your post and in terms of usage – “more the merrier.” And for a good reason.
    Posts on Instagram with a hashtag on average get 12% more engagement than those without it. Use popular and most used hashtags within your industry or create your custom hashtags to pair up with the former. Here are some most general and widely used hashtags that can be used:
    1. #Thanksgiving
    2. #thankful
    3. #thanksgivingrecipe
    4. #turkeytrot
    5. #gobblegobble
    6. #footballandfamily
    7. #macysthanksgiving
    8. #thanksgivingtips
    10. #thanksgivingtraditions
    11. #thanksgivingeve
    12. #grateful
    You can add a list of Fall and Autumn related hashtags too, to broaden your reach. It will help you reach out to new audiences and make it easier for the older ones to navigate on their social media feed.
    ProTip: If you add your location in the hashtags and mix them up with regular hashtags, you can improve your local searchability.  Hashtags will help your potential customer to filter pages.


  3. Storytelling – How you want to convey your Thanksgiving message
    Thanksgiving is a very emotional day. And sharing personal stories with people is one of the best ways to reach out to people quickly. For instance this Thanksgiving ad by Publix that shows despite how messy the preparation towards Thanksgiving is, the reward to sit and have fun with your family is truly a treasure.
    Use this time of the year to communicate how you made it through this chaotic year. Acknowledge the people in your small business that helped you get through and smooth sail things.
    Here is how you can show appreciation to your employees
    Or to your important customers, who stayed connected.
  • Thanksgiving Trivia on Social Media
    Hosting a Thanksgiving quiz on social media can be very interactive. It works well if you work a series of posts with a question each – it can help you create a month-long interaction cycle. Encourage your followers to answer questions related to Thanksgiving in the comment section, such interaction will lead to increased visibility on Facebook feed or on Instagram as well.
    Exhibit A:
  • Video Demonstration
    Marketing through videos is a very good way to communicate your product on social media. It works as a first hand experience for potential customers to see what they are buying into.
    You can make several posts like this one, and inform people that your business is open during Thanksgiving day. Demonstrate your products in a video format for higher interactivity and visibility.
  • Updates Regarding Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    One of the bigger highlights during Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.
    You can post the updates from the parade to keep your followers engaged throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. To keep the engagement going, you can post recaps of your most favourite float with a trivia (Internet loves trivia) and ask your followers to share theirs. You can even discuss the other parades that happen in Philadelphia or Detroit. And if Parades are not your thing, then discuss football and basketball. It is pretty staple on TV, plus the Lakers have a game this Thanksgiving. Plenty to talk about!
    Here are some ways you can discuss Macy’s Day Parade!
    Another example
  • Thanksgiving Activity Update – Call To Action For Joining
    Considering the terrifying year 2021 has been, practice gratitude by organizing a food donation campaign. With the house eviction moratorium completely eviscerated this is the time to step up to support through community building. Organize a Food Donation campaign and set a target. Contact your regular customers to help you with volunteering through marketing means.
    A Thanksgiving meal for the unfortunate is the best way to gather goodwill among the people of your neighborhood and social media campaign. This will help you strengthen your reputation in your town!
  • Advertise Winter Sales
    Thanksgiving marks the end of Autumn and the beginning of the Winters! This time allows you to start marketing customers for the oncoming winter purchase cycle. Switch up your local PPC strategy to mention any winter sales in your Thanksgiving posts.
    This will have two advantages – first, you will market for the Thanksgiving and second you will be inviting customers for the winter shopping too, placing you ahead of the curve. You can also approach paid advertisements on social media to get a hefty impression of holiday customers who are unaware of your deals.

Thanksgiving Slogans for Small Businesses
You will require catch phrases that are attention grabbing. To keep your creative engine going, we have come up with some Thanksgiving marketing slogans. Most of these slogans can be used by any type of business:

  1. Deals sweeter than pumpkin pie!
  2. Gobble till you wobble
  3. Grateful today, and every day.
  4. Gratitude is heart’s memory
  5. Hip Hooray. It’s Thanksgiving Day!
  6. Nobody counts calories on Thanksgiving.
  7. Gather together, express gratefulness
  8. Turkey Crossing
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours.
  10. Turkey trot on over to us
  11. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!
  12. Spend Local!
  13. Put your money where your home is. Shop small businesses this Thanksgiving!

How to make a catchy social media post for Thanksgiving Ad?
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Boosting Revenue During Thanksgiving Season
Adding new strategies to your small business marketing plan shouldn’t be your modus operandi during Thanksgiving. It should be a regular business practice of yours. But, Thanksgiving is a vital time since people are ready to shop, eat, and start with their winter purchases. Gobble up the benefits of the holiday marketing by trying these above-mentioned ideas ASAP!

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