Most of the small business owners, particularly those who have just let their feet into the social media management world, imagine the process just like sharing fun stuff to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Although doing surely works well for one’s personal accounts, however managing social media accounts for a business demands a completely different process along with proper planning and execution.

Among the numerous things, the crucial things that business owners and social media managers should know for their social media management is a reliable strategy. This plan of action should basically include the kind of content they’re planning for sharing and how frequently they must share it.

Usually posting “fluff” on a business social networking websites is rarely a good method. Also, as soon as your business is employing social networking as a way of enticing potential clients to your company, appropriate information from your market is vital.


After social media managers or business owners have their social media content and sharing technique in position, they must know their job doesn’t stop there- because successful social media management entails a lot more.

Understanding and focusing on how social media management tasks can assist your company to stand out from others in tough competitive world – and adds up value and significance for the audience and customers.

Listed here are recommendations for social media management and that too beyond simply posting:


Doesn’t it let you feel just like individuals are “listening” for you once they “Like” your Facebook status or “retweet” any of your posts on Twitter? Just about everyone enjoys that feeling, correct? The idea for managing social media accounts for your company/business is also quite similar. Whether your company posts on its social media accounts as your symbol or as your headshot, participating like a “human” makes an enormous difference for your customers and target audiences.
KnowledgeWall_SocialMediaGiving “thank you,” note when others retweet or shares your posts is just a typical practice for business and company accounts. You are able to consider this a pace further, and perhaps actually initiate a conversation, by the addition of a question or an extra comment. Getting engaged with your customers and audiences is just a method of flaunting your business’ human aspect and creating relationships.

Responding to queries and/or reviews

Recently Gerry Moran has shared shocking stats: “Listen Up! Your customers are making complaints on social media.”  This stats can be a ‘wakeup call’ for listening to your customers and responding them in a timely manner.

According to a recent report, 79 percent of your customers who usually complaint on social networks do so to make their friends see their disappointment with your brand/company.

That report has also stated that 42% of customers who complaints in social media expect response within 1 hour. Further, eMarketer stated that 70% of brands gives the response to the customer’s complaints within 24 hours. [Such a big gap!]

71% of customers getting instant response from social media are likely to recommend that brand or company to their friends or known ones, on comparison to 19% of customers who got no response, according to a report.

Certainly, listening and responding to your customers is a crucial part of an effective social media management strategy is crucial. SocioBoard, a social media dashboard, which allows one to analyze and monitor your “mentions” or any other conversations related to your brand or company on social media. SocioBoard can be used to schedule posts and other real-time postings as well. Most importantly, you can see instantly when anyone responds or reply to your shared posts. Obtaining these notifications produces an ideal chance for you to instantly interact and get engaged with your customers and prospects in discussions by commenting or responding to their queries.


Sharing the latest information

Posting a mix of significant and useful content with your customers and prospects is a crucial part of powerful and successful social media management. Nevertheless, delivering your audience the latest and helpful information is much more significant. People might comprehend businesses and brands that share current information as more trustworthy and reliable than those who don’t.

When to consider social media dashboard

Let me make it clear, doing social media management “well” takes a lot of time and moreover patience. Additionally, it demands consistency. You can see yourself, effective and sound social media management is actually much more than merely posting on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.


Most of the busy marketer and business owners are finding how using software for their social media management can help them significantly – right from the brand visibility to ROI, and everything in between. Getting a social media dashboard like SocioBoard to manage all your social media efforts with single dashboard can be actually a life-saver. It’ll do anything to everything required for posting and getting engaged on social networks. And when you use SocioBoard for scheduling your social media activities, it gives you back the time you required for managing the other vital aspects of your business.


Can you start to see the variation between basically placing on social media versus having a whole social networking technique for your business? I’d want to notice your ideas – please leave a review below.

Can you notice the difference between just posting on social media versus having an overall social media strategy for your brand? I’d love to hear your opinions – please leave a comment below.

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