Do you Have a Firm Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What, According to you, is a Perfect Social Media Post?

Want to Know the Perfect Marketing Oriented Strategy?


In this article, we will provide you the 11 best data-driven marketing tips to skyrocket your social media marketing campaign.



  1. Pay consideration on the length of characters

The length for a most engaging Facebook post is less than 140-character mean a tweet! Don’t need to write a novel. Update between 60-90 characters s witness the most Facebook engagement.


  1. Wisely Time Your Post-

The posting time on Facebook could be the distinction between your post becoming a web sensation or going totally unnoticed. Ideal timing for B2C and B2B organizations may be altogether different.


For instance, B2C brands can hope to see their engagement lift on weekends and less so on weekdays – which is likely not the situation for B2B organizations. Think what would be an optimal time for you to post.

  1. Always remember about visuals

The visual content is the essential factor of driving engagement and traffic on Facebook. Considering top engaging brands, 65% of their posts incorporate photographs, which turn up around 70% of their page’s aggregate engagement. Once more, you can utilize our free Facebook Content Investigation tool to locate your most captivating substance sort!


  1. Use Proper emoticons!

Proper and funny Emoticons get 35% more remarks, are shared 33% all the more frequently, and are enjoyed 60% more than Facebook posts without emoticons. This is major!





  1. Try not to stress over your inscriptions

As indicated by our research, there is no actually huge connection between’s subtitle engagement and length – so simply post what you prefer.

Whatever you do, ensure you provide your photograph enough setting to resound with your group of onlookers.

  1. Give individuals shoutouts!

By and large, posts that incorporate another client handle in the inscription net 40% more traffic than those that don’t. So utilize this chance to reveal some insight into your image’s fans, promoters, and workers! You can hope to see your engagement drift upwards thus.


  1. Mention Your Locations

Use Instagram more than often – give your gathering of people however much setting as could be expected and you’ll be compensated. Posts labeled with an area get better engagement than those post that doesn’t include locations. These tips ought to help you rapidly expand your Instagram traffic.





  1. Incorporate photographs

Use proper images with your tweets. It has been observed that tweets with images and videos are greeted with better engagement rate. So be wise and get the best suitable images for your tweets.


  1. Try not to forget the #hashtag

When we dissected the Twitter movement of top brands, we observed that their tweets had nearly 25% more engagement rate due to the use of a hashtag. So don’t be hesitant to toss in a hashtag, or even two!


  1. Find Best time to tweet

Would you like to drive engagement or drive activity? There really may be two diverse top times on Twitter to do these things.


  1. Be positive!

Another study says that positive feelings are more infectious than negative ones on Twitter. As indicated by the USC scientists “Around 25 percent of Twitter clients were regarded exceptionally with engagement with their positive message and meaning”.

So it is advised to come up with a positive thought while tweeting.

Last Words-

Now when you have a bank full of data-driving strategies for three most followed social media, it’s a perfect time to dive into social media marketing. Be wise and be a keen observer. This will help you more than anything else. Get the strategies applied for your social media ventures and get the maximum output from it.