Know all the ways you can get your twitter followers count through the roof with this nifty article. Read ahead if you are a small business owner or a content creator, these tips will help you achieve just that! Academics, students, policymakers, politicians, and the general public have become increasingly interested in Twitter. Many users were unsure what Twitter was and how to use it, but it has become the preferred social media tool for many.

Twitter is an online microblogging service that allows users to send short messages to groups of people through a personal computer or mobile phone. Twitter combines elements of social networking websites like Myspace and Facebook with instant messaging technologies to build networks of users who may connect throughout the day with short messages called “tweets.”


A user types a tweet on their phone or computer and transmits it to Twitter’s server, distributing it to a list of other users (known as followers) who have signed up to receive the sender’s tweets as text messages on their phones or instant messages on their computers.

Seventy-five percent of B2B marketers utilize Twitter to promote engagement, expand their brand, and form profitable connections with their target audience, according to social media statistics 2021.

But before diving into how to get free Twitter followers, let’s look into why followers are vital for your presence on Twitter.

Importance of Followers on Twitter: Relevance


Twitter followers are valuable for anyone who has a profile on the platform. They are what bring us motivation to keep on grinding in the social media game. And to push content better than the previous one.

Think about it this way, without an audience, a singer or a magician will have no motivation to give their best in their respective performances. Twitter followers are the audience for whom you keep pushing your content. If these followers weren’t present to witness everything that you do online, there would be no relevance left for you. However great your content is, it is useless if you have no audience to witness it.

Relevance matters the most on social media, especially for business accounts! Entrepreneurs and brands rely heavily on social media like Twitter to advertise their products and target customers interested in their products. Customers checking their favorite brands on Twitter direct themselves to the brand’s webpage, where they may purchase a product or two!


When a brand starts losing followers, they essentially lose relevance amongst them. It is because they might not have engaged with their community efficiently. Losing followers leads to a lesser audience for the brand. If there is no audience for the brand to showcase their products to, nobody will buy them.

Several brands in the past have fallen into losing relevance amongst their customers. It is difficult for a brand to revive itself after going through irrelevance as there is no bringing back the interest customers had in the brand. It is crucial for brands and social media marketers to grab hold of the followers they have currently and look for avenues to grow their profiles to stay fresh in the minds of their customers.

Now, I know you’re here to know how to get followers on Twitter. Coming to what you are here for, let us look into all the ways to gain Twitter followers. And don’t worry! It’s all organic!

Get Tweeting!


  1. Frequency: It is vital to tweet as often as possible to stay relevant and keep your followers engaged. A tweet has a half-life of 24 minutes. So it is recommended to tweet once every three hours, depending on the activity of your followers.
  2. Know when to tweet: Think of when your audience would be at their most leisure and tweet at that time. People generally switch to social media when they get off work. Weekends are the perfect time to post!
  3. Consistency: Tweeting often for weeks guarantees new followers. As the more you tweet, the more your audience engages with your content, it reaches more people in every step.
  4. The Best time to post is usually between 8 pm and 12 am. These are the peak traffic hours of Twitter.
  5. Tweet often, but don’t overdo it: If you fill up your followers’ news feeds with your tweets, they might get annoyed and unfollow you. Don’t tweet too much in a short period.
  6. Work with your analytics: People working unconventional jobs are active on weekdays too! Missing out on traffic would be a loss. Your analytics will tell you when your audience is the most active. Make changes to your posting schedule along with those reports to yield better reach on your tweets.
  7. Schedule your tweets: Tweeting consistently could be a gruesome task if done for a longer time. Schedule your tweets with post-scheduling apps like Socioboard and be relevant amongst your followers!

Hashtag Your Way Up!


  1. Tweets with relevant hashtags get twice as much engagement as tweets without hashtags do!
  2. Consistent tweets with hashtags over a week have shown a growth in the increase in followers.
  3. Use a maximum of 3-4 hashtags, or your tweets may look like spam!
  4. Brands must use trending hashtags related to their business. These are hashtags that have interaction by their audience, which makes targeting them a whole lot easier!
  5. Including these hashtags guarantee an instant boost in followers if your content is of top-notch quality!
  6. Generic hashtags can assist you in reaching a larger audience. These popular hashtags on Twitter connect you with people who share your interests.
  7. Use keywords or hashtags connected to your industry to find and follow people. You’ll need to look up jargon related to your industry or niche to do this.
  8. Encourage your fans to utilize your branded hashtags because they will assist you in seeing your devoted audience. You may further leverage the potential of user-generated content by retweeting their posts.

Chat more with your audience!


  1. Participate in Twitter chats to gain more followers and popularise your Twitter account.
  2. Follow for following work on Twitter too! Follow people who engage with your content as they are more likely to follow you back!
  3. Respond to people promptly when they text you. When people notice that a human is talking to them and not a bot, they are more likely to form a relationship with the brand.
  4. Work on the customer feedback the brand gets from Twitter chats. It makes the customer feel heard and acknowledged and encourages them to engage with the brand more often.
  5. Engage with your customer through unconventional methods! Use memes, gifs, and satirical comments to your tweets! It conveys that the brand has a sense of humor which is uncommon in the industry.

Engage publicly!


  1. To build meaningful connections on Twitter, try mentioning 3 Twitter handles every day!
  2. Mentioning usernames when replying to tweets ensures the engagement of more people with your profile!
  3. When you respond in public and share your experience or viewpoints, you attract additional attention. Remember to @mention the person who posted the question.
  4. When tweeting, you can @mention prominent people. They may also share your work with their followers via Twitter.
  5. When you mention a user’s name in a post, including the tag @mention to entice them to check it out right away, and it is visible to the general public.
  6. Respond promptly to any tweets you get from your followers! @mention them as well to show how much you care about their feedback!
  7. Respond to other people’s tweets: If you come across an interesting tweet and want to give your two cents, go ahead. It is a fantastic opportunity to catch the attention of other followers.
  8. Be on the lookout for more influential people and follow them! You may even interact with them on their profile!
  9. Get someone famous to follow you from their Twitter handle. Maintain a healthy relationship with them as they might retweet your tweets, giving your followers a boost!
  10. Follow people in the industry and with similar interests: Twitter suggests pages and profiles for you to follow based on your activities and engagement. It is a great way to find people with work similar to yours and follow them!
  11. Respond to an influencer’s tweets and provide comments on their content. Your feedback will make them notice you, increasing the likelihood that they will follow you back.
  12. Finding and following your LinkedIn friends from your Twitter account is one of the finest strategies to boost your Twitter followers.
  13. Telling a tale will help you connect with your audience. To make your material more consumable, use generic and practical language with a descriptive headline.

Optimize your Twitter Profile!


  1. People will look over your Twitter bio to see if they want to follow your company or not. Mention your brand in your bio and your post in the brand.
  2. Add relevant keywords to your bio! It ensures your profile shows up in relevant searches but forced mentions could have side effects.
  3. Put up a group picture of your team as your brand’s cover page. It ensures the followers that they are engaging with humans and not bots.
  4. Make yourself accessible! Put your location in your bio. So your customers know exactly where to find you!
  5. Use the highest resolution possible for your Twitter page’s profile picture and cover image. Lower resolution images show that the company does not care about its appearance.

Know the Tweets you Tweet (and your audience!)


  1. Most of your tweets’ content should be related to your industry, while you tweet about your business a little less than that. An 80-20 ratio is recommended by marketers online.
  2. Tweet content that others would love to have on their feeds as well! It ensures the chances of your tweets getting retweeted.
  3. Originality is rare! Being unique is rewarding on Twitter and gives your profile a boost in your engagement!
  4. Adding visual elements to your tweets boosts the chances of your tweets getting retweeted.
  5. Curiosity is enticing! Ask questions in your tweets so that your followers respond to them. It increases engagement on your profile!
  6. Keep some of the 280 characters limits for usernames as well! Keeping your tweet short helps!
  7. Tweet as creatively as possible to intrigue your followers’ interests and making them engage with your content.
  8. GIFs work beautifully on Twitter! They attract the most attention out of all the tweets on the platform.
  9. Including a strong call-to-action in actionable tweets is a terrific strategy to increase the number of Twitter followers you have.
  10. Improve your tweets based on the preferences of your followers. If your followers enjoy reading headlines or quotes, tweet them regularly to obtain more reactions.

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Do not do the following!


  1. Do not try buying fake followers! Twitter weeds out fake accounts every once in a while, and your followers will go down to zero if you buy them.
  2. Do not use free third-party apps for measly features that won’t even work.
  3. Do not engage with fake accounts on Twitter, as it may lead to your account being suspended and banned.

Now it’s your turn!


These tips are like guidelines for top social media marketers and influencers on Twitter. Growing an organic community on Twitter might seem like a tedious task, and it takes some time! But once this community has been found and explored, Twitter followers are a goldmine for a brand’s social media presence on the platform.

Followers are to be held very dear by the brand as they keep the brand relevant and populous. Without them, brands would collapse and lose all relevance in the market. Eventually, they go bankrupt, which is why it is crucial to hear these followers out.

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