Recent reports surfaced that Instagram was testing a new option of account switching feature that is the most requested functionality of the rising amount of the Instagram users of both personals and business purposes. But it is officially confirmed by the Instagram itself through a recent blog. They mentioned that all the Instagram user will be given authority to switch between different accounts on the platform more easily than ever.


To add a new account, you can do so direct from the drop-down menu that is attached to the username or you can to the settings, as assisted by the Instagram support:


You are allowed to add up to five Instagram accounts which can be switched between without getting logging out and logging back in. The update will be available to the all users in the version 7.15.

Since the new version is going to launch, let us discuss the three most relevant ways to utilize the new account switching functionality of Instagram for the best benefit.

1.Business and Pleasure:

The most obvious and likely useful approach to use Instagram’s new account switching functionality is to better manage your personal and business accounts Instagram reported that their self-serve promotion offering would be made accessible to all business, all around. Instagram has improved it 200 million clients in 2014 to 400 million in the recent reports. This is making all business advertisers to bounce in and utilize this huge platform to reach that growing, visually engaged user base.


The ability to quickly and effectively switch between accounts will be a gift for all the social media marketers. A common mistake people make with their business social media accounts is in blending an excess of personal with the content of their brand, which frequently obscures the line between work and play, and confuses the message of your brand in the process. Brands must set mission or reasonable statement that serves as a tent post for their social methodology, and making it simpler to clearly depict between the two identities must be useful in characterizing this separation.

The new functionality may also cause an increase in content posted. This is due to the fact that people will be able to update their business page more easily without having to log out and log in back. The ability of switching and posting will make the business owners more active on the platform, and the amount of time saved will be significant for those with active brand profiles alongside their own, personal accounts.


The update’s is equally vital for those who are currently using the third-party tools to perform the similar account switching functionality. Instagram recently announced that they’ll be restricting access to their API as of June 1st, 2016, that means a lot of these additional services will cease to exist or offer such an option. For those who’ve come to rely on these apps for easy account switching, doing it through Instagram itself will soon be your only option.

2.Instagram, Finstagram, Rinstagram:

An increasingly common trend, particularly among younger users of the app, is to create multiple accounts in order to present different aspects of your personality and life to different audiences. Users, for example, might have their regular Instagram account, where they post their polished, pristine, filtered images, carefully selected in order to garner the most likes, and, by extension, the most social approval. In addition to this, a growing number of users are also setting up ‘Finstagram’ accounts – or ‘fake Instagram’, where they can post goofy, unflattering, silly images, without fear of criticism or judgment.


The pressure for social acceptance has led to the growth of the ‘Finsta’ trend, with teens often referring to their everyday Instagram account as their ‘Rinsta’ or their ‘real Instagram’ presence.

It’s likely that Instagram not looking to support such behavior with the addition of account switching, but it is, inevitably, one of the processes which this new option will facilitate – with the ability to more easily jump between different profiles, people will be able to utilize different approaches, to build a mock-up or test page, effectively, to share different content and express different sides of their personality.


There are various ways to utilize such an option, including from a brand perspective and while the Finsta trend is more aimed at circumventing social acceptance and avoiding prying eyes, it does highlight a new way of thinking about how to use Instagram for A/B testing and/or for presenting an alternate side to your story.

3.Interactive Instagram

One of the more innovative ways in which Instagram has been used by brands recently has been in hosting interactive games on the platform. The process is basically a ‘choose your own adventure’ style approach, where you link a series of Instagram accounts and direct users to click through to each.


The game is linked by tags in each image is linked to the users through to other accounts. Users can make choices about which tag they want to follow to see the story through. While such an option won’t work for everyone, in this case, another approach was established that a significant portion of their audience was active on Instagram, therefore it made sense to make the platform a focus for their promotional efforts. And providing them with a game, a way they could interact within Instagram itself, was an interesting and creative way to build awareness for the new series that proved to be a popular activation amongst that audience group.


Even if you don’t think such an option would work for you, it does highlight a different way of thinking about your Instagram presence, and the new account switching option will make it easier to create more immersive, interactive content across Instagram by giving you better access to all the different elements of such a process. If you were a brand that made handmade soaps, for example, you might create separate accounts for each of the ingredients you use, then link to those accounts within your images via tags so users can click through and find out more information about each element and its benefits. Easier account switching provides more opportunities to create new and different experiences within Instagram, expanding the possibilities of what you might be able to do with on-platform content.


These are just three ways that Instagram’s account switching option could be of benefit, and there’s likely a heap more that haven’t even been considered yet. While it’s a relatively simple addition within itself, hopefully these ideas might get you thinking about the ways in which account switching might enable you to come up with new and creative ways to use the platform and build new experiences for your on-platform audience.

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