Visibility is the only trait of the marketing that won’t change irrespective of the year. Marketing after and before digital transformation spins around how consumers see your business. Here I will share some cognizant ideas about what to anticipate from the marketing trends in 2017.

Focus is vital and that can be the ultimate challenge. The larger the business, the more varied the customer base. While data makes easier to target customers, it’s a great undertaking to determine valued information from the bulk of data available. How can one stay engrossed, increase conversions and create conversions? It’s a challenging question, but giving attention to what’s on the prospect can offer insights. Here are the few social media trends which I predict to be important for 2017.

Bigger Focus on Customer Experience:


Customer experience is truly the heart of marketing for all industries. So in today’s business, it has constantly been a key marketing focus. At least the successful ones have involved customer centric viewpoints to build active marketing trends, strategies, and optimistic digital transformation.


Engaged and effective measuring:

Recently marketing analytics has been on an unending loop. With revelations from Facebook and other about how their particular data doesn’t tell a whole story and what we have is less than a stellar. At present in the upcoming years measuring will be done with certain purpose. Expect business goals to tie back to huge profit, retention, revenue, customer, and satisfaction.

Better video content:


Yes, the content is always the king, but the type of content that rules the web is changing. Blogs, reviews, social content, eBooks, and papers are still the key and major aspects of marketing, but video range is moving forward in recent days. Since the huge success of games like Pokémon Go boosted the scope of virtual and augmented reality in the upcoming days. The brand which fails to include videos and visuals will be left by the wayside.

More social media marketing trends:

Initially, we have to change the way that we think about the social media. Social media approaches should always market less and sell more. Brands regularly use social media trends to boom highly standard content that is people are overlooking. Social media should be tailored to and it’s not a typical task to achieve. Use social media for the forefront marketing of services and sales. Use it to get engaged with customers.

AI and Chatbots go mainstream:


Providing best services and positive customer experience means leveraging the influence of technology. For an instance, in general, you ask locals for the suggestion on where the food will be good to eat, but thy may not know exactly what type food you prefer. In such cases, you can imagine Chabot who know your dislikes, likes, and needs and can simply guide where you to eat, where to shop, how to travel. Chatbots can also use deep learning, AI, and data crumbs from across the internet to guide and understand consumer behavior.

Final Words:

To be honest, there is the need to be a prophet to find where the social media is going to end in the coming years. Now it has been an expose on many fronts, content, marketing and news to name a few. As people come up with more advanced types of content and techniques of sharing them, social media is the only platform that can get bigger.

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